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Am Going To Shine When The Time Is Right – Upcoming Rapper Koko-Boy Praise Olamide & Others

Teen upcoming rapper KOKO-BOY in a recent interview reveals the challenges he face as an upcoming act..

When Did You First Discover You Have The Talent?

Well. back then during my secondary school days.
Rap is the only thing that keep me going
I thank God Everyday ??

What do people around you think about your music talent

Mmmm. It has been a mix reaction i don’t expect everybody to love my kinda music , i try to do my best. Every musicians have there own fanbase..

You can’t expect everyone to love your music you dig, but also the love has been massive i got some people showing me love up and down.
Gradually increasing my fanbase.

I always try to improve everyday..

do you think you have what it takes to dethrone top rappers in the industry?

Am not looking to dethrone any boss’s in the industry.. Everybody have there own fanbase. Olamide has been a big motivation to me growing up.. His hardwork is just unimaginable

He work so hard to keep his spot nobody can take that away fron him..
I can only pray to be successful also.

which rappers do you look upto in the industry?

Olamide, phyno, zlatan, cdq and the list continues this guys have really make an impact not just any impact but a very big impact in the music industry..

what inspired your hairstyle?

Kokoboy has to have koko nah.. Laffing…

But for real some people think having dreadlocks means you’re a bad guy and what am just trying todo is to sell my brand..

What is biggest challenges you’re facing as an up and coming act?

Am still young but the fact that am doing all this alone is still the biggest obstacle i have..


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