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MC Oluomo: It took me 3 days to regain consciousness after I was stabbed

MC Oluomo has stated that it took him 3 days before he regained consciousness after he was stabbed at an APC governorship campaign rally in Lagos State.

MC Oluomo: It took me 3 days to regain consciousness after I was stabbed

The NURTW boss who recently return from abroad where he went for further treatment, was stabbed when violence broke out between rival factions of NURTW.

MC Oluomo was immediately rushed to Eko Hospital where he received treatment before he was flown abroad.

During a survival thanksgiving held at his Ejigbo residence on Thursday, January 31, 2019, MC Oluomo expressed shock at the incident as he thanked God he didn’t die.

“I want to give thanks to God for saving my life, because only I, knew what hit me at that moment. Immediately it happened, I felt light and I started feeling thirsty, just like someone who had been shot and loosing blood. I knew if I had taken any liquid at that time, I would have died.

But what came to my mind was the 7-7 water I got from Mecca. I have seen and experience how Alfas make use of the Holy water and how it works. While I was being rushed to the hospital, all I could do was to request that my people try as much as possible to get me the 7-7 water. I took the water and became a bit alive after some days. Some other Islamic rites was also carried out immediately and the Imams, Pastors, and Traditionalists rose up to the occasion. .

It was the third day, that I regained consciousness and felt life within me” he narrated.

He also use the opportunity to thank Bola Ahmed Tinubu as he called for calmness to reign in the State.

The Thanksgiving event was attended by Imam Muyideen Bello, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, Ronke Oshodi Oke, Nike Pella, Fausat Balogun, Saoti Arewa, Oyiboyi and many more.



‘For 2019 years people have been saying Jesus is coming soon’ – Ghanaian comedian mocks Christians

'For 2019 years people have been saying Jesus is coming soon' – Ghanaian comedian mocks ChristiansAce Ghanaian broadcaster and comedian, Kwaku Sintim Misa fondly called KSM has mocked Christians in a new post on social media.

The media personality who finds more joy in ridiculing Christians has opined in a recent tweet that, it’s high time followers of Jesus stopped saying he is coming soon, and say eventually.

According to KSM, it is about 2,019 years now since the message “Jesus is coming SOON” has been preached, yet he hasn’t descended from heaven for his children. Hence, he think they should drop the SOON matter and make it EVENTUALLY.

He tweeted;

“For 2,019 years, it’s ALWAYS been said JESUS is coming SOON. Can we just drop this SOON matter and just say EVENTUALLY? #justthinking 😜


2019: President Buhari is mentally and physically unfit to continue In office – Opposition parties file lawsuit

2019: President Buhari is mentally and physically unfit to continue In office - Opposition parties file lawsuit

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) on Thursday said it has initiated Legal Action at Federal High Court to stop President Buhari from participating in 2019 election over what it described as “his Mental and Physical instability.”

In a statement signed by Ikenga Imo ugochinyere, Cupp, First National spokesperson, and Co-Plaintiff and CUPP member, Eunice Atuejide, the CUPP also “raises alarm over DSS plot to flrame, arrest, charge and eliminate Opposition Spokesperson Ikenga to stop him from releasing fresh evidence of plot to steal 5b from DSS election account by former DG DSS lawal Daura, and indicting documents of false assets declaration by key Buhari government appointees.”

According to the statement, “the Opposition political parties have carefully studied President Muhammadu Buhari over the months, especially since his return to the country after the sickness that took him out of Nigeria for the better part of 2017, and have come to the conclusion that he is no longer mentally and physically fit to lead a nation like ours in this century.”

The CUPP went further to provide examples to prove that the President Buhari is not truly fit to carry on with the office and functions of a president.

The statement reads in part:

“A few recent examples will be necessary here. One, you will recall how the President almost fall flat on his face during his recent campaign visit to Lokoja, Kogi State. Despite that he flew into the town, the few steps the President took at the rally venue had a huge toll on him. When he was invited to the podium, he lost balance immediately he stood up. It was the timely intervention of his aides who were already keeping their eyes on him since they know his health status, that saved us what would have resulted into a national disaster.

A few days after the Kogi episode, a similar scenario played out at the venue of his campaign rally in Kaduna. After he trekked a short distance to his seat, President Buhari was clearly exhausted. He was still managing to wave to those who were already at the venue when he suddenly sunk heavily into his seat even at a time the national anthem was being recited. The seat was his saving grace on that occasion.

Still on his uninspiring ongoing re-election campaigns, we are all witnesses to the embarrassment President Buhari subjected the country to in Warri, Delta State. When it was time for him to present his party’s flag to the State governorship candidate, Great Ogboru, the President embarrassingly referred to the man as “the presidential candidate.” After those who surrounded him corrected him, President Buhari again referred to Ogboru as “the senatorial candidate.” Again, he was corrected and he came up with the most embarrassing one by saying the man is the “governortorial” candidate. The President must be using a different dictionary because the word “governortorial” does not exist in any good dictionary.

You will also recall when he featured on a town hall meeting called “The Candidates” which was broadcast live on the Nigerian Television Authority. Among his various goofs at that event was when he was asked why he is seeking second term and he said since the party leaders chose him, he had to run.

All those who watched that programme will recall how Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo who featured with him struggled very hard to come to his rescue whenever he goes off the track which he did many times. This probably explained why his men did not allow him to participate in the presidential debate organised by the Nigeria Election Debate Group and the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria.

We have come to the conclusion that re-electing Buhari will only empower members of the cabal that his wife admitted has hijacked his Presidency, to rule us for another four years from the dark.

In order to save this great nation the disaster that will follow if President Buhari is in a rare happenstance re-elected, we the opposition political parties have therefore filed litigation in court seeking to declare him unfit to contest for 2019 election because of his mental instability.

We are also seeking from the Court an Order disqualifying President Muhammadu Buhari from contesting the election to the office President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and an injunction restraining INEC from recognizing his candidacy. Nigerians will also be glad to know that to prove that we are on the right path, we are also asking the court to grant an order directing President Buhari to make public the results of the medical examination which we ask that he be subjected to so that no citizen will be in doubt that we are saving the country from calamity by taking these steps.

Stopping President Muhammadu Buhari from foisting himself on Nigeria come February 16th by every legitimate means is a patriotic service to Nigeria.

God forbid we fail! God forbid! God forbid! God forbid!”


Christian woman who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples could face $225k fine

A Christian woman, Kim Davis, could be forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages for failing to issue marriage licences to gay couples. She has been sued by four couples and also urged by Lawyers of the State of Kentucky to pay $225,000 as damages.

Christian woman who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples could face $225k fine

Reprot say Kim refused to issue licences to gay couples despite the US supreme Court legalizing same sex marriages.

Her action, which she say is based on her Christian faith, landed her in jail for 5 days with heavy protest against her after she ignored court order.

An attorney of Kentucky State, Palmer Vance said:

“Only Davis refused to comply with the law as was her obligation and as required by the oath of office she took.”

Via an email, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign, an advocacy group for LGBT+ rights, said:

“Kim Davis used her office to discriminate against LGBTQ people and push a personal, bigoted agenda – all on the government’s dime,” it said.



Man allegedly turns into a dog after alighting from his car in Rivers State (Photos)


For 2019 years people have been saying Jesus is coming soon – Comedian mocks Christians

Veteran Ghanaian comedian, Kwaku Sintim Misa, fondly called KSM, has taken another jab at Christians just as he is fond of doing. In his new rant, he cautioned adherents of the faith to stop saying Jesus is coming soon.

KSM: For 2019 years people have been saying Jesus is coming soon

According to KSM, it’s been 2019 years since the statement “Jesus is coming soon” has been getting uttered by Christians, still Jesus has not yet come.

He tweeted:

“For 2,019 years, it’s ALWAYS been said JESUS is coming SOON. Can we just drop this SOON matter and just say EVENTUALLY? #justthinking.”

In a past interview, KSM gave reasons why Christianity in Ghana has become a commercial activity in Ghana.

“Christianity in Ghana now has become a commercial activity, a situation which leaves much to be desired.

“When someone gives more as offering to the church, he is openly praised for his benevolence to, and in so doing humiliate those who were unable to give same. For me personally I always speak against such behaviour; and since when did God’s blessing start to be auctioned?”, he said.



”You Did Me A Favor Saying Yes” Duncan Mighty Tells Wife Vivien As He Celebrates Her On His IG Page


‘I’m Proud Of You’ Sean Paul Tells Davido, Speaks Of How He Influenced Him


I have never been to a night club before – Martha Ankomah

Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah has stated in a recent interview that she has never been to a night club to party. According to the dark-skinned actress, the only time she goes to a night club is when it is used as a location for a movie shoot.

I have never been to a night club before - Martha Ankomah

“I’ve never been to the night club before. The only time I go to the nightclub is when I am acting. My friends know. When they are going out at night I don’t go,” Martha Ankomah.

She continued by stating that her not going to night clubs has helped her in so many ways.

“it has helped me a save money”.

Martha Ankomah further revealed how a Christian upbringing played a huge role in her life.

“You will have to go to Sunday school before you eat rice water. For me, becoming a Christian started from childhood. My mum and dad contributed a lot. Growing up till date, I give credit to God and my mum. When I give birth, I’ll train my daughters the same way”, she said.



The second marriage of actor Baba Tee crashes

The second marriage of actor Baba Tee crashes

The second marriage of actor Babatunde Bernard aka Baba Tee has reportedly crashed. You will recall that the actor’s first marriage to London socialite, Yetunde Oduwole, nosedived in just less than two years in 2013.

The actor’s now ex-wife, Dupe Odulate, made this revelation about the crashed marriage on social media where she apologized to all those she must have offended for his sake.

She wrote:

Dear Lord, condemn those that condemns me secretly and openly….
Walk in my shoes ,know what I go through before you judge me….
Apologies to those that I have offended because of this guy…Now I understand better…🙏🙏🙏
Life goes on , I cannot come and die🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️
Be a man and say the truth”

The reason behind the crashed marriage between Baba Tee and Dupe Odulate whom he proposed to in 2015 is not yet known.

Recall that When Baba Tee was having marital crisis with his ex-wife Yetunde Oduwole, Dupe Odulate was fingered as the brain behind it. Yetunde even accused Baba Tee of giving some of her stuff to Dupe.

She buttressed the claim by pointng to a picture Baba Tee shared on social media which shows Dupe Odulate rocking one of her dress.

That claim was denied by Dupe who wrote a letter to blogs:

“Firstly I will like to make it known what I do, I am a Civil Engineer, Graduate from Yaba College of technology in 2012,i am born and bred in Sagamu with a silver spoon,maybe she doesn’t know,she should go back and ask the Odulates’ . Evry bit of what I say here,i will back them up with a photo evidence. I have been going to London since 2007 even before babatee. I do my shopping in London,i don’t rely on men to pay my bills like Yetunde does. I bought that cloth from Debenham many years ago, then I use size 14, but the one I took was size 18 because I remembered I could not return to d store to exchange it due to the time I had to run other things before I return to Nigeria, so I really don’t like to wear it. I am way taller and bigger than Yetunde. How can her cloth fit my body?, Is it as worse as that I can’t afford to buy clothes to wear?. Or will I even be so daft to wear her cloth and post it on Social media?(God forbid me wearing her clother)Hmm!, Yetunde is just an attention seeker, I can’t even wear used clothes, not to talk of wearing a cloth that a woman that bleached her skin had worn!

“There is no single cloth that belongs to Yetunde in Babat’s house when I got there, Yetunde is a broke ass, babatee sends money to her monthly,she used to set up her kids to beg from babatee as well.I will also attach to this mail photos of tellers used to make the payment.
At first she called me a witch in several messages she sent to babatee,i was silent about it, Secondly she lied in her interview that I sent her threatening messages, i was only silent about it, now she accused me of wearing her own cloth?, what an insolence?, to me, its a great ridicule, my friends that read just laugh and told me u that we come to your house for shopping. hmm!,I could only wear the cloth now because I av gotten bigger?, Is Yetunde size 18 cloth ni?, where on her body will she put it? Or is d cloth made for only her?. Mine is Debenham and am not sure she can ever shop there,maybe hers is primark self or her usual online 5pounds store, I don’t know what she is feeling like. How can she claim she had a cloth from 2007 and I wear it 8years after?, Was she size 18 that I have 8years ago?. She should even stop the make believe thing,stop the fake life and live in a real world.she should just shut up and let us live. She is 44year,old enough to be a grandma self. She claims that she is not hurt about babat leaving him yet she follows our lives closely,that picture was only posted yesterday. I have a lot of things to nail her and make her rot in jail in that UK but I will just leave it as a warning first ,She should be careful as she does not even know who I am and what am capable of doing. She should not mess up with me.I know the dos and donts of UK and also know the dos she is not doing and the donts she is doing. Let’s leave it like that for now.”


My first time in aeroplane, I thought I’d die – Woli Agba

Comedian Woli Agba has narrated how sacred he was when he boarded an aeroplane for the first time in his life.

Woli Agba: My first time in aeroplane, I thought I'd die

Real name Ayobami Ajewole, Woli Agba said he boarded the aircraft when the Alfa Sule Dance Troupe have him the opportunity to travel from Lagos to Abuja.

Sharing his experience, he said:

“It was really the first opportunity I had to travel out of the country. We went to South Africa. It was also the first time I would enter a plane. In fact, I didn’t even know that one could travel by air from Lagos to Abuja.

“When the plane took off, I was smiling inside me. Suddenly, the pilot announced that the plane was in a sort of trouble. It was not funny. There and then, I told God that He didn’t bring me on the journey to waste my life. I thought I was going to die. Fortunately, nothing happened. The plane didn’t crash. I was so happy and relieved when we eventually arrived in South Africa.”

The comedian also revealed that he once felt his career was no longer relevant until things took a good turn for him.

“People stopped talking about us at a point and I didn’t have anything to fall back on. I felt as if I had used up all my glory and there was nothing left for me. I was preparing to get married at the time. But from nowhere, things started working out for me again,” he said.

Speaking on his relationship with female fans, Woli Agba said he has never had any advance from them as they see him as an elderly person.

“Ladies respect me whenever they see me. They call me Woli Agba and daddy. Even when I attended Olamide’s concert, they came to me and started calling me daddy. Ladies don’t see me as a young guy they can relate to or entice. I get direct messages on social media from ladies, but I value my marriage and my home comes first. I am too focused to be distracted.”



Lady gives tips on how Nigerians can wed with just 50k

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter with tips advising intending couples on how they can wed with just N50k. According to the lady, if her fellow ladies can abide by the advice, then many bachelors will get married this year because they are willing but expenses are killing.

Lady gives tips on how Nigerian can wed with just 50k

Read her short and interesting thread below.

How to wed with 50k. #THREAD!

The Brothers said I should teach you women how to help cut down wedding budget, as many of them are looking to wed this year. So sisters, help a bro ✊

Explain to your pastor that you don’t have money for radarada. Let’s all be guided plis

1. Book in court beforehand.
If you book like 2 months to, it’s just N4000 for certificate.

2. Use your normal suit Bro. Budget N2000 to buy tie, socks & handkerchief.

3. Buy fairly used wedding gown on Jiji for N5000 or pay a tailor to do white chiffon gown with N5000 budget.

Alternatively, you can rent cheap gown for N3000 (wash and iron yourself).

4. Arrange for car to use from friends and fuel it or just call Taxify or Uber. Going and coming shouldn’t pass N4000.

(He should not wait o, after wedding, you flash him to come pick you up)

5. Invite only family & friends, well wishers should just call or come to the house later.

6. Buy rings please. Very important. Budget N2000 for both rings.

7. Give decoration people in your church like N2000 to do small design. (Your wife is a member so they can’t complain).

8. Do not cook for church people please. Just buy one carton of TomTom & spray during processional hymn (N1200)

9. Give church small thing, like 5k.

10. Give your wife’s mum 10k to cook abacha & utazi stew for the traditional which will be prepared very early on Sunday morning.

11. You have N13800 left.

Remember, you have to buy palm wine for the trad…N800 for a full keg (after all, your wife’s dad knows a winetapper).

12. Bestman and bridal shower should buy their things biko.

13. That your old friend that snaps photo will take up to N3000 oo.

14. Give someone your laptop or phone to play small music. Give him N1000 to buy the cord to connect it.

15. Buy fuel for church. N2000 fuel go do naa.

16. Your money remain N7000 abi?
Now hold N1000 in 100 naira notes and give your wife N1000 too in 100 naira notes.

17. Keep the remaining N5000 for miscellaneous.

One or two things might come up las las.

(share or repost to save a life and help a brother, biko be your brothers keeper)


Sense will not kill somebody



Sean Paul expresses how he proud he is to see Davido doing well

Jamaican dancehall singer, Sean Paul has shared a picture of him and Davido on Instagram. Sharing the picture, he spoke of the huge influence he left on Davido when he came to Nigeria.

Sean Paul expresses how he proud he is to see Davido doing well

According to Sean Paul, Davido said he watched him on stage when he came to perform in Nigeria years ago.

The dancehall singer went on to speak of how proud he is to see the youngster doing well for himself.

Sean Paul wrote:




Black Panther 2 likely to be released soon, star actress claims

It appears there will be a Black Panther 2 movie in the making very soon. This is according to Courtney B. Vance and Angela Bassett who appeared on the red carpet of the SAG Awards last weekend.

Black Panther 2 likely to be released soon, star actress claims

When asked if the entire cast of Black Panther would return for a sequel of the movie, Angela Bassett excitedly said:

“I would assume so.

Her husband Courtney B. Vance chipped in:

“Yes, just go ahead and say it, yes! Everyone will be there, including Michael B!””

Speaking on the impact the movie had on the society, Courtney said:

“I just like the way it changed society. It was all about Wakanda forever. And those kind of films, when they come around you’ve got to lift them up…For me, that movie changed society, so give it what it’s due.”

Angela Bassett added:

“A movie of this style, it has a hard time. It’s accepted by the audiences, of course it’s a global sensation, all of that, but the award [shows] tend to push them to the side. But it’s such a well-crafted, well-made, beautiful story — big moments, big themes, and I think it’s so utterly worthy.”

Black Panther is currently nominated for six Academy Awards part of which including Best Original Music Score and Best Picture.

The movie won two SAG awards: Outstanding Cast Performance and Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble.



Mo’Nique threatens to slap Steve Harvey on the set of his talk show

A report states that actress Mo’Nique threatened to slap talk show host Steve Harvey after they got engaged in a heated argument.

Mo'Nique threatens to slap Steve Harvey on the set of his talk show

The confrontation took place on the set of Steve Harvey’s daytime talk show “STEVE”.

According to a source, Mo’Nique was on the show to promote her Las Vegas residency show.

Things got heated up when their discussion got into the Oscar award winning actress’s recent comment about Whoopi Goldberg and Tyler Perry.

In a recent interview, Mo’Nique called Whoopi Goldberg ‘The Help’ and accused her of not standing up for the younger generation of actors.

According to Steve Harvey, Mo’Nique needed to tender an apology for that.

A source said:

“Steve said she needs to apologize.”

This led to an altercation between them which nearly turned physical.

“She threatened to hit Steve in the face. He told her if she hit him, her husband would have to come out and square off,” the source continued.

It is said that the cameras on set were rolling during the confrontation but it is not certain if that part of the show will air.



Kate Henshaw rocks her natural hair in red carpet throwback picture

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has shown what her natural hair looked like on the red carpet of an event she attended in 2015 shortly after her house got burnt.

Kate Henshaw rocks her natural hair in red carpet throwback pictureKate Henshaw rocks her natural hair in red carpet throwback picture

In the accompanied caption of the throwback picture she shared on Instagram, Kate Henshaw revealed how she went against her stylist’s advice not to wear her natural hair to the red carpet event.

She wrote:


Ariana Grande sued by artist for using his concept in music video

An artist, Vladmir Kush is suing singer Ariana Grande for using his idea in her music video ‘God is a woman’. In the video released in 2018, the singer can be seen dancing in a silhouette while in a candle flame.

Ariana Grande sued by artist for using his painting concept in her music video

According to the artist, the concept was taken from a painting he did 20 years ago about a woman in a candle light which he named ‘The Candle’ and ‘The Candle 2’. Both paintings feature the woman as a wick raising alarm over a cloudy sky.

Vladmir claims the video was a rip-off of his idea as Ariana Grande used similar concept.

He is now suing Frenjoy and Ariana Grande for copyright infringement and also wants her music video removed from the internet.



Restaurant owner vows not to attend to customers who wear MAGA hat

A restaurant owner in America has warned customers not to come to his store with a MAGA hat. According to a tweet he shared, anyone who fails to comply with the order will be refused service.

Restaurant owner vows not to attend to customers who wear MAGA hat

Te chef-owner at Wursthall restaurant in San Mateo, Kenji Lopez-Alt, tweeted:

“It hasn’t happened yet, but if you come to my restaurant wearing a MAGA cap, you aren’t getting served, same as if you come in wearing a swastika, white hood, or any other symbol of intolerance and hate.” #MAGA #NoMaga #servicerefused#politicaldivide”

The MAGA hat is a red baseball hat worn by supporters of Donald Trump and it means Make America Great Again.



[Music] Slimcase Ft. 2baba, Peruzzi, DJ Neptune & Larry Gaaga – Azaman

Otunba Lamba, Slimcase is set to change the game with a smash hit single titledAzaman which features the legendary 2Baba, DMW star Peruzzi, as well as prolific disc jockey DJ Neptune and Larry Gaaga.

The single has been a major topic of discussion with massive anticipation for the song that has led to thousands of pre-orders on digital platforms such as iTunesSpotify etc.

The song which was produced by Cracker Mallo is one which is guaranteed to lit up the dance floor and stay on repeat on your devices for a long time to come.

The blend of Slimcase2Baba, and Peruzzi makes the song perfectly flavored for everyone.

This is a certified banger, a good job well done Otunba Lamba!

Listen & Download “Slimcase Ft. 2baba, Peruzzi, DJ Neptune & Larry Gaaga – Azaman” below:-


INEC Releases Final List Of Candidates In Rivers, APC Absent

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has released a final List of Governorship and House of Assembly candidates in Rivers State.

According to our correspondent in the state, absent on the list were the names of candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has released a final List of Governorship and House of Assembly candidates in Rivers State.

According to our correspondent in the state, absent on the list were the names of candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Below are photos of the list as pasted by INEC officials in Rivers state.

INEC had on Thursday, January 17, released a list signed by the commission’s secretary, Rose Orianran-Anthony and while candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Social Democratic Party (SDP), and Labour Party among others made the list, those of the All Progressives Congress (APC) were excluded.

A Federal High court in Port Harcourt, the state capital had nullified the direct and indirect primaries conducted by the two factions of the APC in Rivers.

The court presided over by Justice Kolawole Omotosho held that both primaries were not conducted according to the law.

Justice Omotosho had also restrained the electoral body from recognising Tonye Cole and Magnus Abe as governorship candidates of the APC in the general elections.

Senator Abe was declared the winner of a direct governorship primary conducted by a faction of the party in 2018 after polling 144, 929 votes.

But Cole emerged the winner of an indirect primary held by another faction with 3,329 votes.

Following the rulings. the Resident Electoral Commissioner in Rivers, Obo Effanga, insisted that the electoral umpire would always obey court injunctions.


[Music] Dera Allison – Bolanle

Fast Rising versatile Artiste Dera Allison, is an Afropop Recording artiste , song writer and performer who has been in the scene for quite a while .

His latest effort titled “Bolanle” produced by Liciouscrackkit is a beautiful piece put together for all the beautiful ladies and lovers out there ..

Relax and let his sound amaze and engage you. Dera Allison is definetely here to stay. Enjoy!

Listen & Download “Dera Allison – Bolanle” below:-


[Video] Gaskillz – Faya Baby

PK Records is proud to present “Faya Baby” the highly anticipated visuals from the extremely multi talented Gaskillz.

Faya Baby was produced by the new south movement producer Stency with the visuals directed by the new school music video director Dindu.

Gaskillz definitely has the airwaves in his pocket with this very rhythmic dance tune.

Watch & Download “Gaskillz – Faya Baby” below:-


Man stabs his mother to death in Nasarawa state

A man identified as Michael Habila, has been arrested by the police for allegedly stabbing his mother to death in Nasarawa state.

Man stabs his mother to death in Nasarawa state lailasnews

Michael Habila was said to have committed the crime during a heated argument with his mother at their home in Lafia the state capital on Wednesday January 30th.

A statement by the spokesperson of the state police command, ASP Samaila Usman, reads

“Our men on patrol received a distress call on Jan. 30, at 10:00 hours that a mob was beating one Michael Habila of Tudun Gwandara in Lafia. They rescued him from the mob and later discovered that he had allegedly stabbed his mother due to misunderstanding. She was rushed to the hospital where she later died as confirmed by the doctor”

According to Usman, the suspect would be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded.


Duncan Mighty celebrates wife Vivien Okechukwu

Singer Duncan Mighty this evening celebrated his wife and mother of his two children, Vivien Okechukwu on his Instagram page.

Duncan Mighty celebrates wife Vivien Okechukwu lailasnews

In a post shared on his page, Duncan thanked Vivien for accepting to marry him in 2015. He wrote;

My First / forever Endorsement Deal with INESTIMABLE VALUE
I remain forever your Ambassador
No matter how hard i work
under Sun 4 you
Is still not enough 4 you
you did me a favor saying

Late last year, there were rumours that Duncan Mighty battered his, though the Port Harcourt singer denied the claims. He wrote in reaction to the claims;

“The next news will be that I use my wife [to make sacrifice] to come back [to the music industry].

“What do you gain in tarnishing my image with lies that I brutalized my own wife?

“My life and journey to get here wasn’t by Duncan Mighty but by God.

“For your information my marriage is not one of those you people broke down and will never be.

“For your information I am the winner of my marriage my wife and kids can’t do without Daddy every moment.

“The more you make people hate me the more they love me.”


Kevin Hart defends support for Jussie Smollett

Kevin Hart has defended his message of support to Jussie Smollett, after he was criticized on Twitter for showing support to the actor.

Kevin Hart defends support for Jussie Smollett lailasnews

Kevin Hart ran afoul of the LGBTQ community last year and stepped down from his gig to host the upcoming Oscars ceremony after homophobic tweets he sent years ago resurfaced.

The comedian expressed remorse and told Michael Strahan on “Good Morning America” at the time that he was done apologizing and had “nothing else to prove.”

Though it seems the conflict is yet to be put to bed.

Joining many celebrities in Sending a get well message to the Empire actor, Kevin Hart wrote:

“Sending prayers your way @jussiesmollett ….This is unbelievably sad,” he wrote on Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday. “Why are we going backwards….this is disgusting. We as people have to do better. WTF is going on the world???? Why are we falling in love with hate???? God damn it people….Choose love…I repeat…Choose love. I will forever choose love and I will continue to teach my kids how to do the same. Stand strong brother.”

However, his message didn’t sit well with some people on social media who remember his anti-gay comments, with many calling is recent support for Jussie Smollett, a joke.

Responding to their criticism, Kevin Hart shared:

“I stand with a man in his time of hurt and need by giving him heart felt support and u take the time to harp on my 10yr past that I have apologized about and moved on from by being a better person,” the 39-year-old comedian tweeted in response to TV writer Ira Madison III’s criticism on Wednesday, January 30. “Do you want change? If so I am an example of what u want people to do…CHANGE!”


32-year-old man dumps wife for stepdaughter

A 32-year-old man has dumped his wife for his stepdaughter whom he was already having an adulterous affair with.

The illicit relationship has resulted in the birth of a child.

32-year-old man dumps wife for stepdaughter lailasnews

The man identified as, Zekias Mukurachaza and his stepdaughter Macloline Garira’s (who is 18 years old), appeared before Mutare magistrate in Zimbabwe facing charges of having an incestuous relationship.

It is the state’s case that the affair is said to have started after the wife had left home to attend a church service for a week. The matter only came to light when she came back and was informed that her daughter was running away from school so she could sleep with her husband, taking advantage of her mother’s absence.

When the woman confronted her daughter, Garira denied the affair but gave birth months later. When she gave birth, her mother was chased away from their matrimonial home and her husband moved in with the step-daughter-tuned-wife.

The ruling magistrate sentenced the two to eight months imprisonment after being convicted of having an incestuous relationship and suspended two months of the sentence on condition of good behaviour.


Teenagers flogged publicly for hugging each other

Two teenagers were flogged 17 times each because for hugging each other in Indonesia’s Aceh province, they also spent months in jail.

Teenagers flogged publicly for hugging each other lailasnews

A female university student and her boyfriend, who are both 18-years-old, were handed the sentence under strict Sharia law in the province. The law forbids intimate displays in public.

Teenagers flogged publicly for hugging each other lailasnews 3

The pair were marched on to a stage in front of a mosque in the provincial capital of Banda Aceh before being struck across the back with a bamboo cane. Hundreds of spectators gathered to watch the punishment being carried out.

Teenagers flogged publicly for hugging each other lailasnews 1

Afterward, Banda Aceh deputy mayor Zainal Arifin said;

People outside of Aceh who think Islamic Sharia is cruel can now see that it is actually very tolerant and humane.

Teenagers flogged publicly for hugging each other lailasnews 2


Nigerian man commits suicide in Italy after being denied residency

A 25-year-old Nigerian man has committed suicide in Italy after after his request for a residency permit in the country was rejected.

The migrant identified as Prince Jerry committed suicide by jumping under a moving train in Tortona, Genoa, Italy.

Nigerian man commits suicide in Italy after being denied residency lailasnews

The Biochemistry graduate arrived Italy, by sea, in 2016, after a long trip through the desert to Libya.

Monsignor Giacomo Martino, the head of association Migrants, said on Thursday that Jerry had requested for the permit on humanitarian grounds.

Martino, who is in charge of the association that helps migrants in the port-city, made the announcement in a chat group with his parishioners.

The message was subsequently shared on social media Wednesday night and published by local newspapers on Thursday.

Jerry’s funeral will be held Friday morning, at the Chiesa dell’Annunziata in Genoa.

Meanwhile some of Jerry’s friends have taken to Facebook to mourn him.


Asisat Oshoala joins Barcelona women (Photos)

Asisat Oshoala just joined FC Barcelona women, she joined the Spanich club from Chinese Women Super League champions Dalian Quanjin.

Asisat Oshoala joins Barcelona women lailasnews

Super Falcons forward and theee-time Africa Women Player of the Year expressed her delight at joining the football club on loan from her Chinese club, Dalian Quanjian F.C.

She tweeted,

“Delighted to join @FCBfemeni on loan. 2019 let’s go.”

The Dalian Quanjian player will be at the Spanish side until the end of the season, and has been given the number 20 jersey.

Announcing her arrival, the female team of FC Barcelona revealed that Asisat was positive about her future in the club, she was quoted as saying;

“I’m sure something big will happen here”

See photos of Asisat Oshoala’s unveiling and medical at FC Barcelona below;

Asisat Oshoala joins Barcelona women lailasnews 2

Asisat Oshoala joins Barcelona women lailasnews 3

Asisat Oshoala joins Barcelona women lailasnews 4

Asisat Oshoala joins Barcelona women lailasnews 1


Eunice Atuejide calls on supporters to vote for Atiku

Female presidential candidate, Eunice Atuejide, has called on her supporters to vote for Atiku Abubakar, stating that he is the only formidable option.

Eunice Atuejide in a lengthy Instagram post emphasized that she is still in the race and is not stepping down for anyone, but affrmed that Atiku and Obi had last night promised the Nigeria of her dreams.

She said they have the best chance at beating President Buhari in the upcoming polls, which is one reason she might even vote for them come February 16th.

Still on the NTA #TheCandidates matter.
I, Eunice Atuejide will not step down from the race to the Presidency. So, all my supporters who won’t consider voting for #Atiku @aatiku and #PeterObi should please go ahead and vote for me.

But, let me tell you one of my honest, yet very bitter truths. Yesterday 30th Jan 2019 I saw @kadariaAhmed deal mercilessly with #Atiku and #Obi on #NTA News’s The Candidates and for the first time in my entire life, I was a proud Nigerian. For the first time in our electoral history, we actually have a formidable set of Nigerians vying TOGETHER for the Presidency. Men of relative integrity who are ready to sacrifice for us all. Please don’t start debating #OBJ’s accusations against #Atiku with me, because every research I was part of to find corrupt people in Nigeria always found OBJ and never found Atiku till date. So, shove it mbok!

And someone will now ask me what about you, Kingsley @moghalukingsley, Fela @feladurotoye, Omoyele @yelesho etc.
Abeg my dear people, let’s call a spade a spade mbok. The duo of #AtikuObi beat all of us packed together and remained change. I didn’t even know Atiku could speak English, talk less of seriously discuss policy issues….🤨 Anyway, there are people in my crew that would rather die than vote #AtikuObi, so for those ones – I am in the race to the Presidency to the finish lines. Yes, waste your votes on me because it is a question of personal convictions.

But, those who are undecided, or afraid to hurt or offend me, I tell you my loved ones I FREE YOU ALL bcos even I might vote #AtikuObi. Why? The Nigeria they promised us last night is the Nigeria of my dreams. And guess what? They have a millionth more chance of getting in than I, and all the other alternative candidates have. Plus, like Peter Obi rightly pointed out, the worst of the old PDP have crossed over to APC – hopefully NEVER to return again. So guys, we need to look away from the platform and look at the candidates.

Let’s do right by our country and her people this once mbok!



Gay pimp infects 16-year-old boy with HIV in Lagos

A 32-year-old gay pimp identified as Prince Chinecherem, has been arrested alongside a 16-year-old boy in Lagos state.

Gay pimp infects 16-year-old boy with HIV in Lagos lailasnews

According to TheNation, Prince Chinecherem is the ringleader of a gay gang who engaged in their illegal acts in Lekki.

The Lagos state Police Commissioner, Imohimi Edgal, revealed that the suspect was using the teenager as a commercial sex worker, explaining that aside sleeping with him, he also gave him to other men requiring his service.

Both men were tested and found to be HIV positive, which means their customers might have contracted same through them.

The police have declared two prominent pastors and some business executives wanted for allegedly having canal knowledge of the minor and belonging to the illegal group.

It was gathered that Prince Chinecherem, during interrogation, gave the identities of other members of the group including the prominent persons being hunted.

Narrating how they were apprehended, the police commisioner told reporters that on January 22, at Ejigbo, a teenager was seen sneaking out of Chinecherem’s house in a suspicious manner.

He said curious neighbours accosted him and asked what he had gone to the house to do but he could not answer satisfactorily. He was thereafter asked to open a plastic bag he was carrying and the neighbours saw used condoms with semen inside.

The boy then revealed that Chinecherem was his lover and the matter was immediately reported to the police.

After preliminary investigation, the matter was called for further enquiry by the Gender Section of the Command.

Both the suspects were taken for medical examination and the result revealed that the boy had long been introduced to homosexual act.


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