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Falz declares himself available for the single ladies, this valentine season

Just as the 2019 elections are creeping in, so is valentine.

As it is known, the valentine season is for couples and lovers, hence the single ones feel left out.

Nigerian singer, Falz has declared himself available for any one without a partner.

The bahdguy wrote on Instagram,

“If you are not ‘aving falantime deez season, don’t worry. Am ‘ere for you 🙋🏾‍♂️

Toke Makinwa has also advised her social media followers on what they need to do this Valentine’s day if they are still single

According to her, the best thing to do on Valentine’s day as a single person is to Val oneself, that is, to give one’s self all the love usually accorded to a lover on such a day.

Toke Makinwa tweeted:

“Another Valentine and you are single? Val yourself, you deserve all the love you can give yourself. Send yourself flowers for being so badass and strong and beautiful. Change the narrative.”

Perhaps, this is just what Toke Makinwa is planning on doing on February 14 because, as far as we know, she is still single.


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