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Ghanaian actress reveals why she doesn’t wear panties

Ghanaian actress, Safina Haroun has stated that she doesn’t wear panties because they make her feel uncomfortable. According to the Kumawood actress, her endowed body is the reason why she doesn’t wear panties.

Safina Haroun: Ghanaian actress reveals why she doesn't wear panties

“People say I have big boobs and butt but I don’t see it that way and moreover I feel very uncomfortable when I wear panties so I avoid it.

She also stated that she doesn’t wear such even when going on set.

“Even when I am going on set, I don’t wear it.

Safina Haroun however stated that the only time she wears brassieres is when she’s going for an important occasion.

“As for brassieres, I wear it when I am going for an important occasion but when I am home, I don’t wear it”, she disclosed.



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