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Man who got raped narrates how he froze when he saw the rapist again

A man, Finlay Marcfalane has narrated how his world came crashing when he saw the rapist who abused him months after the incidence took place.

Man who got raped narrates how he froze when he saw the rapist again

He was just 18 when he met the man at a night club in Scotland who took advantage of him by spiking his drink.

“My entire world came crashing around me,” he says.

“I completely froze. I had never experienced that in my life before.”

He said the rapist met him at the bar and offered to buy him a drink.

“I went back in on my own and this stranger offered to buy me a drink,” Finlay says.

“I just thought it was a nice gesture.”

Speaking to BBC, Finlay said he remembers talking to the man, then everything became a blur. He also remembers waking up feeling awkward and hysterical.

According to his friends, Finlay suddenly went missing in the country leaving his coat and bag behind.

They later found him outside and on the ground surrounded by a group of people.

“Apparently I was being sick but I don’t remember any of this,” Finlay says.

His friends took him home from there and one of them said they noticed that his button and zip were open and that they found a scarf tied round his waist like a belt.

“I had the feeling something did happen and I was trying to bury it,” he says.

“I was coming up with thousands of excuses for how it didn’t happen but at the same time I was lashing out at my friends and being a horrible person.”

He however ran into the man in a train who told him what happened that night.

“I got the final nail in the coffin,” Finlay says.

“It was confirmation undeniable that I had been sexually assaulted that night. Raped. I just wanted to get off the train but I couldn’t move.

“He wasn’t a particularly imposing or scary-looking person, he was smaller than me.

“I wasn’t physically intimidated but I just froze.”



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