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Washington DC Mayor proclaims February 8th as “Taraji P. Henson Day” (Photos)

February 8th has now been officially proclaimed as Taraji P. Henson Day.

The 48-year-old award-winning actress was presented with the special honor on Friday afternoon at the Office of the Mayor in Washington, D.C.

Mayor Muriel Bowser gave Taraji a proclamation to the City, and officially recognizing the day in her honor for her contribution to the city.

“And then THIS HAPPENED!!!! I am just so honored?? From an #aroundthewaygirl with dreams, I thank you @mayor_bowser and the entire city for riding with me for all of my life!!! ?? #GodIs ?????,” Taraji wrote on her Instagram.

Last week, the Empire star, Taraji P. Henson is also the latest recipient of a star that was unveiled Monday on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an honor that she calls “surreal.”
The ‘Empire’ star gave an empowering speech about how she hopes the next generation of female actresses won’t have to “fight” to get the best roles like she has had to during her 18-year career.


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