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Lil Wayne reveals why he doesn’t like fake boobs and a**

Rapper Lil Wayne has stated that he is not a fan of fake boobs and a** because they don’t feel right when touched.

Lil Wayne reveals why he doesn't like fake boobs and a**

The rapper laid his mind bare in a period whereby cosmetic surgery is being glorified, celebrated and imitated in the world.

According to Lil Wayne, fake boobs and a** might look right but they don’t feel right. When touched, he says they feel hard like rock.

“Real a**es I’m sorry. I’m a real a** guy. Sorry, the fake a**es, sometimes they be hard, like, you know, they not done right…it’s…I don’t know what done right actually is. ‘Cause the ones that are hard, when you feel ‘em, they look the best though.”

He continued:

“Like, the girl, her a** just looks the best. Soon as you touch it, it’s just like you touched a rock or stone or something. It’s not what’s up. But, the ones that’s not done all the way right, but you know it’s fake…ooh ooh, that’s good. Lord have mercy. That’s a good bum booty right there”, Lil Wayne said.


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