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‘UBEC ensures due diligence, transparency in SUBEB contract awards, no room for fraud’

By Peter Duru, Makurdi

The Executive Chairman of Benue State Universal Basic Education Board, SUBEB, Dr. Philip Tachin has clarified that the Universal Basic Education Commission, UBEC, ensures due diligence and transparency in the preparation of work-plan and award of contracts by SUBEB across the country.

Dr. Tachin who was reacting to the discontent being expressed by the opposition and allegation of fraud leveled against the board over the preference of a Makurdi based plastic chair and table manufacturer where Governor Samuel Ortom used to have majority stake before his resignation some years ago, said those peddling the false story where ignorant of the workings of UBEC.

According to him, “before we advertised the jobs in the papers, we did a work-plan, which is a usual procedure of Universal Basic Education Commission, UBEC, and in this work plan all the items like furniture, construction, renovation and others must be itemized one by one and costed according to the prevailing market prices across the states.

Gov Emmanuel forwards nominees list to Akwa Ibom Assembly(Opens in a new browser tab)

“When you do this which is applicable in all the states, you take it to UBEC which has a unique standard and you cannot do anything outside of that. They also have prices of building materials as obtainable in all the states. So if you bid or propose what is higher than what they know they will not approve it. Moreover the prices differ in the states given their different terrain.

“UBEC regulates the way the work-plan is done. The plastic chairs are a unique item. In fact, some years back, like 2016 when we ordered for them, UBEC gave us official letters nationwide that these plastic chairs must be done in Osun State because a firm manufactures them in that state.

NNPC assures support for local companies(Opens in a new browser tab)

“So your work-plan will capture that. They approve the prices item by item. They have made that to be so specialized that you cannot even do it anywhere else and states have been going to Osun for that.

“But this time around when we were to do our work-plan we thought of capital flight from Benue especially when we have a plastic industry here. We felt we shouldn’t carry the money and give to another organisation that is far away from our state when there is a company here.

UK govt terror list: Embrace ranching to stop influx of foreign herders, Ortom tells FG(Opens in a new browser tab)

“We deemed it fit that it was better to find a plastic firm in the state that manufactures the chairs. But if we had not gotten any plastic industry here, we wouldn’t have even thought about doing it here. And the only plastic industry we have here is Oracle Plastic Company. It could have been another company entirely because If we had two or three we would have submitted their names.

“What UBEC requires is that we take a sample of their product for approval because they have their own specifications, so once you do a sample it has to meet their specification and it should in line with the approved sample.

“In fact before UBEC approved that we should manufacture the plastics here in Oracle it took a long debate because they insisted that it should be gotten from Osun state where they were used to.

“But I argued that they should also recognize that states that match these grants should also have their own benefits and that we should be allowed to source the plastic chairs here in Benue state.

“That is why UBEC accepted and approved it. So it is not as if the management of Benue SUBEB sat and came out with our own rates and the company that would manufacture the plastic chairs.

“It was done in conjunction with UBEC which verified the product and then approved. And that’s why we had to advertise, because it is only when they approve the work plan that you can advertise. So in all these we followed due process in the entire thing.

“Therefore whatever prices that were recommended by UBEC is not anything arbitrary, and whoever has an issue with that including the writer of the publication I saw is acting out of ignorance hence flying false information and I cannot let out what UBEC approved.

Continuing, Dr. Tachin said, “it is very very unfortunate when we go to a level of smearing someone’s name or the entire state or the Governor of the state. The Governor in the first place did not compel us to ensure that plastic chairs are sourced in the state.

160 cut off mark: JAMB’s critics are ignorant, says Oloyede(Opens in a new browser tab)

“So is it because a company that manufactures plastics in Benue was chosen to manufacture for contractors to pick and distribute to schools in the state that some people are making a lot of noise? It is very unfortunate. Would the people making the noise prefer that the manufacturer based outside this state is chosen?

“In the first place we were not compelled to chose the only manufacturer in Benue, we thought it wise that since there is a company here which could have been any Benue indigene’s company it was better we patronized that company. But because it is a company that the Governor has already resigned from, some persons are making much noise.

“Besides, the way it is done, we are not going to take money and pay directly to the manufacturer, that will be a violation of the law. You award to a contractor who will go to that company to source the chairs.

“Even with the one in Osun state we never paid directly to the company. We awarded to a contractor who went and paid to the company to do the job and they lifted it from there and distributed in Benue. So what is wrong with us having a manufacturer here in Benue and the contractor is able to source the plastic chairs here?

“You see, we just have the propensity for self destruction, we don’t want Benue to move forward. Everything we do is to throw stones and make sure that we defeat our selfs. It is unfortunate, there is nothing like fraud in this case. So that is why I feel very offended by the publication that alleged fraud because it cannot be fraud.

“Everything including rates were approved by UBEC which ensures that due diligence and transparently is strictly adhered to. Are you going to attack UBEC for approving prices and every other thing for the states? We have not even awarded the contract, we only opened the bids and some persons started attacking us.

“What is the motive of those behind this? Is it the handiwork of those that felt that they will not get it who then decided that they should rock the boat or what?

“For crying out laud, we have Benue families working in that plastic factory and they will be the direct beneficiaries of the patronage from UBEC. Why do we enjoy these needless self destructive acts? It’s quite unfortunate.”



Google opens Google News Initiative challenge for Middle East, Africa, Turkey

Lagos – Google on Tuesday opened the Google News Initiative (GNI) challenge for media publishers in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey.

The Head of Google News Initiative Innovation, Mr Ludovic Bleacher, made the disclosure at the unveiling of the initiative in Lagos.

Google News Initiative is a journalism-focused programme that will help publishers earn money and fight fake news.

It will also introduce an open-source tool called Outline, which will make it easier for news organisations to set up secure access to the internet for their journalists.

The official said that the challenge was open for application, adding that it was aimed at injecting new ideas and innovation in the ecosystem.

“The Google News Initiative is our global effort to work with the news industry to help journalism thrive in the digital age.

“The GNI Innovation Challenge is accepting proposals for projects from news organisations of every size to address increasing engagement with readers and/or exploring new business models in any form such as subscriptions, membership programmes, and so on.

Alleged kidnap of 30 people along Abuja-Kaduna expressway, fake news – Police(Opens in a new browser tab)

“ Traditional publishers, news startups and associations that aim to build innovative digital media projects are all eligible to apply,” he said.

The official said that the projects could be highly experimental, but must have well-defined goals and a significant digital component.

“We have long collaborated with the news industry to drive traffic, increase audience engagement and generate revenue, but there are legitimate questions about how high quality journalism can be sustained in the digital age.

Bouteflika, Bashir… will other strongmen fall?(Opens in a new browser tab)

“As part of that, we are proud to open applications for the GNI’s first Innovation Challenge in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey,” he said.

According to him, the challenge is open to every news innovation and will focus on creative projects that demostrate opportunities to increase readers engagement and support the development of new business model.

He said that Google would fund selected projects up to USD $150,000 and would finance up to 70 per cent of the total project cost.

He said that special discretion might be considered by the jury depending on the scale and impact of a collaborative effort.

US sanctions over Iran oil will ‘intensify Mideast turmoil’ ― China(Opens in a new browser tab)

He said that the application window would close on Sept. 2 , adding that only online applications in English would be considered.

He listed the criteria for the challenge as the impact on the news ecosystem, innovation and use of technology, feasibility and inspiration.

He noted that last year, Google announced the Google News Initiative to help news players in their transition to a digital future.

He said that the GNI was Google’s effort to help news players in their transition to a digital future, focusing on three pillars.

He listed the pillars as elevating and strengthening quality journalism, evolving business models to drive sustainable growth, and empowering news organisations through technological innovation.

He said that Google had in the last two years, trained more than 4,000 journalists across Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

He said that for more information, applicants may reach out directly to the GNI Project Team, by emailing

“The GNI Project Team will also be holding an online town hall webinar session to give further information and to answer questions. This will take place on July 3 at 10.a.m GMT, ” he said.

Mr Eugene Okumu, Google Newslab, Sub-Saharan Africa, said that the digital space was encountering a lot of disruption, with fake news being a big element of the publishing space.

According to him, the introduction of the GNI is to ensure that credible information is passed to the readers.

He urged news publishers to leverage Google tools such as search, flourish, Google scholar, reverse image search, trends, historic image and others, to eliminate fake news.(NAN)



I am greatly embarrassed by the link associating me to 2023 presidency – Umahi


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Shocking! Decomposed body of man exhumed months after he was declared missing in Rivers, wife accused of killing him for getting another lady pregnant

Shocking! Decomposed body of man exhumed months after he was declared missing in Rivers, wife accused of killing him for getting another lady pregnant

The decomposed body of a Rivers state indigene, Inedukoba Charles Tyger, was on Tuesday June 25th, exhumed from a shallow grave in Abalama Sandfield Asari-Toru Local Government Area in Rivers state, months after he was declared missing by family and friends.


A friend of the deceased, Ibiye Dokubo, had raised alarm on February 26th, via his Facebook page, that Tyger, had gone missing. According to Dokubo’s post, Tyger and his wife were at loggerheads after she found out he had impregnated another lady.


Sharing photos of the couple on the social media platform, Dokubo wrote;

I dont know what to say for now but I remembered the last time you spoke with me that you are with your wife in Abalama and I insisted you give her the phone for us to talk and I queried her of her decision to reconcile with you on that Saturday evening but uptill now we cannot hear from you and your wife have left to somewhere only God knows, but I pray you come alive to tell us what happened…but as for her if she knows what transpired as your wife then she cannot hide forever because the long arm of the law must surely cut up with her.


In another post on March 1st, Dokubo wrote

Shocking! Decomposed body of man exhumed months after he was declared missing in Rivers, wife accused of killing him for getting another lady pregnant

This is the wife of the missing man Mr. Tyger Inedukoba Charles, he was with her on Saturday before his sudden disappearance till date, they had issues because he impregnated another woman and up till now she had packed out of their rented apartment, she had transferred herself to an unknown LGA, she don’t pick her calls and she is hiding from the truth so please help me share this until we get her arrested or better still report her to any police station if you see her..thanks” Dokubo had written on his Facebook page on March 1st


After many weeks of detailed investigation and thorough search, the corpse of Mr Tyger was exhumed yesterday, June 25th in the Asari-Toru local government area in the state.


The wife, Ajemina Douglas, has been accused of killing him and burying his remains under the bridge. She was allegedly arrested by the police recently and she led the officers to the shallow grave where he was buried. 


Shocking! Decomposed body of man exhumed months after he was declared missing in Rivers, wife accused of killing him for getting another lady pregnant


The state police command is yet to release a statement on this case.


See photos of the deceased body after it was exhumed below.


Shocking! Decomposed body of man exhumed months after he was declared missing in Rivers, wife accused of killing him for getting another lady pregnant


Shocking! Decomposed body of man exhumed months after he was declared missing in Rivers, wife accused of killing him for getting another lady pregnant

Shocking! Decomposed body of man exhumed months after he was declared missing in Rivers, wife accused of killing him for getting another lady pregnant

Shocking! Decomposed body of man exhumed months after he was declared missing in Rivers, wife accused of killing him for getting another lady pregnantShocking! Decomposed body of man exhumed months after he was declared missing in Rivers, wife accused of killing him for getting another lady pregnantShocking! Decomposed body of man exhumed months after he was declared missing in Rivers, wife accused of killing him for getting another lady pregnant

Shocking! Decomposed body of man exhumed months after he was declared missing in Rivers, wife accused of killing him for getting another lady pregnant



Umahi dissociates self from presidential campaign team inauguration


Teenage girl reacts horribly after consuming drugs in Abuja (video)

Teenage girl reacts horribly after consuming drugs in Abuja (video)

A teenage girl reacted horribly and caused a scene after abusing drugs in Abuja.


The girl, reportedly aged 17, and another friend, aged 15, went to the National Stadium in Abuja. While there, the older girl consumed an illegal drug and began reacting to it.


The younger girl narrated how the incident unfolded. She said her older friend has experimented with drugs before at her home during her brother’s birthday. She claimed the girl took “small drop” on that day.


Narrating how the latest incident occurred, the girl, named Favour, said she and her older friend and some others were hanging out. She bought Coke for them but they refused to take it and she wasn’t aware when they went to buy the drug her friend reacted to.


The one who took the drug can be seen on the floor rolling and screaming while calling Favour to take her home.


Watch the video below.





Rohr to start Akpeyi against Guinea Uzoho is now No.3


BBNaija winner, Miracle Ikechukwu is certified as an "Instrument Rated" pilot

BBNaija winner, Miracle Ikechukwu is certified as an "Instrument Rated" pilot

Miracle Ikechukwu, the winner of Big Brother Naija season 3, has been certified as an “Instrument Rated” pilot.


The ambitious young man, who quickly threw himself into his career after winning the prize money last year, made the announcement on Instagram.


He wrote: “A lot of turbulence while en-route but finally landed.. “Instrument Rated!”.. It’s only Your Grace Lord.. Thank You.. and to everyone who has supported meh thus far, I Appreciate… GOD Bless.. “


BBNaija winner, Miracle Ikechukwu is certified as an "Instrument Rated" pilot



Ekpo condemns Falcons’ sit-in protest at hotel in France


The place of local data hosting centres in driving nationa security, economic growth

By Toyosi Lana
Recent stakeholder discourse in the Nigerian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector have called into question the effectiveness and security of local data hosting in the nation.

However, the proliferation of services provided by state of the art local data centres in Nigeria over the last 5 years have been widely adopted by key industry verticals including FSI and Public sector while being lauded as reliable and highly secure in addition to enabling operating cost reductions.

In Nigeria’s current eco-system, though data hosting has improved significantly in the last 5 years, a sizeable number of the country’s data is currently being hosted abroad.

This is clearly a cause of concern as it encourages forex outflow from already strained reserves and poses potential security issues, as data hosted offshore remains subject to the laws of the country in which it is stored. Localising data hosting is critical for security, and safety because it ensures that company and government information is domiciled in country rather than leaving sensitive data within the purview of foreign organisations and governments.

Infrastructure support and the innovation journey(Opens in a new browser tab)

In recent years, Nigerian businesses have benefitted from the rise of locally based state of the art Tier III data centres such as MainOne-MDXi, Rackcenter, and MTN. These colocation facilities provide enterprise-grade multi-level security and video surveillance, carrier grade connectivity, precision cooling, safety and fire suppression systems.

FCMB trains SMEs for long term success— Smith(Opens in a new browser tab)

A crucial benefit of these colocation data centres, especially for government agencies and multi-branch organisations is the ability to enable disaster recovery and business continuity seamlessly.

This is as a result of multiple redundancies built into the power, cooling and security infrastructure of these data centres which ensure operations remain uninterrupted even in the midst of unplanned outages. In a country where uninterrupted power supply is a luxury, and businesses are susceptible to diverse power related failures, system down times and a myriad of other interruptions, local data centre support means they do not have to break the bank to access the high availability required for operations in today’s digital economy.

Just as Nigerians are required to keep foreign reserves and currencies within the shores of the country in order to ensure growth of local banks and ecosystems as opposed to currency manipulations when large currencies are kept offshore, so will the country and the local ecosystem benefit from localisation of data. This is because, it means secure banks and government data are kept by Nigerians and manipulation or foreign interreferences is at a minimum.

It is important to note that, ICT has a substantial impact on both GDP and employment across Sub-Saharan Africa and throughout Nigeria. According to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics 2018, The ICT Sector’s 12.4% contribution to the National GDP reflects a 9.5% growth rate from the previous year, demonstrating substantial growth despite broader economic slowdown. The sector which includes the growth of local data centres and hosting sites, created an estimated 2.5 million jobs over a 10-year period from 2004 – 2014. It is critical for this GDP growth and job creation to be reflected within Nigeria and not generated by Nigerians for foreign Governments via outsourcing of data to offshore data centres.

According to the World Bank report in 2018, “Billions of people are connected by mobile devices, with unprecedented processing power, storage capacity, and access to knowledge, foreshadowing stunning possibilities.” This underscores the amount of data being consumed worldwide by the masses at any given time, alluding to potential latency problems. Most especially when the data is being affected by geographic limitations in the form of high latency.

Nigerian businesses embracing local data centres now have access to significant improvements in latency in the sub 20millisecond range as opposed to the 100+millisecond range in previous years. This translates to better customer experiences for end users and ensures that the limitations previously experienced on latency sensitive applications are significantly reduced or eliminated.

At the end of the day, it is imperative that businesses, government departments and agencies should be encouraged to take advantage of the robust, world class, state of the art data hosting infrastructure which already exists in Nigeria. This would enable local businesses and government participate in the various benefits alluded to in the foregoing, as well as encourage the growth of the local data centre environment and associated ICT ecosystem.



New capital base for banks may rise to N230bn

By Emeka Anaeto, Business Editor, Babajide Komolafe & Emma Ujah

ABUJA — There are indications that the new minimum capital base requirements for Nigeria’s banks would range between N35 billion and N230 billion going by the new position of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN.

Yesterday, speaking to journalists on his agenda for the next five years, the Governor of the CBN, Mr Godwin Emefiele, explained that the current capital base of the banks are no longer realistic, principally because of the massive devaluation of the Naira since the benchmark was set about 10 years ago.

The apex bank under Lamido Sanusi as governor had pegged minimum capital base of banks at N15 billion (US$113 million at exchange rate of USD/132.85 then) for Regional Licence, N25 billion (US$188m) for National Licence and N100 billion (US$753m) for International Licence.

CBN moves to reduce credit risk in mortgage financing(Opens in a new browser tab)

But at current exchange rate, the value of the Regional Licence has gone down to US$49 million from US$113 million, while National Licence is now down to US$82million from US$188 million with the International Licence down to US327.9 million from US$753 million.

Fitch expresses concern over FG’s ability to support banks(Opens in a new browser tab)

Though Emefiele had indicated that the apex bank was looking at benchmarking with the Investors & Exporters, I&E forex window rate of USD/360, the apex bank may use the official rate of USD/305 to minimise the immediate impact on the banks.

MPC members advocate strong consumer credit system(Opens in a new browser tab)

Consequently, barring other considerations, at current official exchange rate of USD/ 305 the value of Regional Licence would be N35 billion, up 133 per cent from N15 billion, while that of National Licence would be N57.3 billion, up 128 per cent from N25 billion and International Licence at N230 billion, up 130 per cent from N100 billion.

On the percentage point increase, Chukwuma Soludo’s capital base adjustment was at 1,150 per cent to N25 billion from N1billion, while Joseph Sanusi, the CBN Governor before Soludo, had effected a 1,900 per cent increase.

Banks must recapitalize

Emefiele had stated: “In the next five years, we intend to pursue a programme of recapitalising the banking industry so as to position Nigerian banks among the top 500 in the world. Banks will therefore be required to maintain higher level of capital, as well as, liquid assets in order to reduce the impact of an economic crisis on the financial system.

“It was Governor (Chukwuma) Soludo, in 2004 who did the last recapitalisation we had, moving the capitalisation from N2 billion to N25 billion.

“I must commend that effort because it resulted in positioning Nigerian banks, not only in Africa, but to become among top banks in the world, in terms of capitalisation.

“It also helped strengthen the banks to take on large transactions and those are the things they badly needed.

“Today, when you relate N25 billion in 2001 exchange rate, which was about N100/$1, N25 billion was about $200 million. Today if you relate N25 billion at N360/$1, you can see that it is substantially lower than $75 million .

“What we are trying to say is that the capitalisation has weakened quite substantially and there is need for us to say it is time for us to recapitalise Nigerian banks again.

“It is a policy thrust which will be discussed at the Committee of Governors’ Meeting and of course, the framework for the recapitalization of Nigerian banks would be unfolded for the whole world to know.”

Vision for next 5 years

The governor said that in the next five years, his team would work closely with the fiscal authorities to ensure macro-economic stability, double-digit growth, single-digit inflation and greater access to finance for businesses.

Mr. Emefiele said: “Working closely with our fiscal authorities, we pledge to target a double digit growth by the next five years and at the CBN, we commit to working assiduously to bringing down inflation to single digit while accelerating the rate of employment.

“Put succinctly, our priorities at the CBN over the next five years are the following; First, preserve domestic macro-economic and financial stability; Second, foster the development of a robust payments system infrastructure that will increase access to finance for all Nigerians, thereby raising the financial inclusion rate in the country; Third, continue to work with the Deposit Money Banks to improve access to credit for not only small holder farmers and MSMEs but also consumer credit and mortgage facilities for bank customers.

“Our intervention support shall also be extended to our youth population who possess entrepreneurship skills in the creative industry.”

On foreign exchange management, he said: “We will continue to operate a managed-float exchange rate regime in order to reduce the impact which continuous volatility in the exchange rate could have on our economy”

The CBN, the governor said, would support measures that would increase and diversify Nigeria’s exports base and ultimately help in shoring up our reserves, particularly by supporting domestic industries and creating jobs on a mass scale for Nigerians.

The governor said, “We intend to aggressively implement our N500bn facility aimed at supporting the growth of our non-oil exports, which will help to improve non-oil export earnings.

“Will launch a Trade Monitoring System(TRMS) in October 2019, which is an automated system that will reduce the length of time required to process export documents from one week to one day. This measure will help support our efforts at improving our non-oil exports of goods and services.

“We will also work with our counterparts in the fiscal arm in supporting improved FDI flows to various sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, insurance and infrastructure. These measures while supporting improved inflows into the country, will help stabilise our exchange rate and build our external reserves.”

Livestock/dairy intervention coming

Mr. Emefiele said that his team would boost productivity growth through the provision of improved seedlings, as well as access to finance for rural farmers in the agricultural sector, across 10 different commodities namely: Rice, Maize, Cassava, Cocoa, Tomato, Cotton, Oil-palm, Poultry, Fish, and Livestock/Dairy.

He said, “Our choice of these 10 crops is driven by the amount spent on the importation of these items into the country, and the over 10 million jobs that could be created over the next 5 years if efforts are made to expand cultivation and processing of these items in Nigeria. So far, we have held series of engagements with importers and producers of these products.

“Most of them have committed that they would install or expand their production capacities in Nigeria. We believe these measures will help to boost not only our domestic outputs but also improve our annual non-oil exports receipts from $2 billion in 2018 to $12 billion by 2023.”

He added that CBN would support an aggressive embroilment of prospective banking customers in the informal sector on to the BVN system and move the current enrolment of 38 million unique banking customers to 100 million over the next five years.

Mr. Emefiele said that the consumer credit programme would be pursued more vigorously, including mortgage at nine per cent interest.

KEY agenda

•Target double-digit growth by the next five years; bring down inflation to single digit
•Preserve domestic macro-economic and financial stability
•Foster development of a robust payments system infrastructure
•Work with banks to improve access to credit
•Continue to operate a managed-float exchange rate regime
•Support measures that would increase and diversify Nigeria’s exports base
•Launch a Trade Monitoring System(TRMS) to cut time required to process export documents from one week to one day



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Helicopter saved the day in traffic along Benin Ore road

Helicopter saved the day in traffic along Benin Ore road

The video going viral is about a passenger that was in traffic for hours on the Benin Ore road on Sunday and to the amazement of all other commuters a helicopter landed on the road and  rescued the passenger. 

Continue reading Helicopter saved the day in traffic along Benin Ore road at Vanguard News.



Rejection of server inspection by PDP marks triumph of Justice – Presidency


Call corruption what it is and deal with it holistically — Dr Eleanor Nwadinobi


Excellence is about serving the people – Abia Speaker


Promasidor partners Supa Strikas to reward customers

By Prince Okafor

Promasidor Nigeria Limited has partnered with Supa Strikas to reward consumers in its Cowbell Chocolate Get Up N Goal promo, with different prizes to be won during this football season. The Get Up N Goal promo launched by Cowbell Chocolate, commenced on Monday, June 10 and will run till Friday, September 13, 2019.

Speaking at the launch, the Managing Director of Promasidor Nigeria Limited, Anders Einarsson said the combination of an active lifestyle driven by Cowbell Chocolate and a football loving culture of kids and young adults has impacted positively on the brand since 2017 when the partnership with Supa Strikas started.

‘This has given our brand exclusive rights to the Supa Strikas franchise, which is the comic book and cartoon TV series, and its assets in various packaging designs.

“The promo is themed Get Up N Goal because kids and young adults need the required energy to go about their activities like Supa Strikas in football, hence the collaboration to reward the target groups through a nutritional brand that has the vitamins and minerals they need.

“To participate in the promo, consumers are to collect nine 20g sachets of the Cowbell Chocolate Supa Strikas themed packaging, each having a unique character, submit them at any of the 190 redemption centres across the country and stand a chance of winning any of the amazing prizes on offer.

“Prizes to be won include the latest Sony Play Station 4 Console System along with a Virtual Reality Headset, Supa Strikas Jerseys, Soccer Boots, Footballs and many other consolation items.”

Also, participants who are not able to submit nine unique characters can redeem as many empty sachets of Supa Strikas themed Cowbell Chocolate 20g packs to get free products

This can be done by submitting 20 empty sachets of Cowbell Chocolate 20g Supa strika themed packs with five unique Supa Strikas characters to get one filled Cowbell 20g sachet free. “This will ensure that every participant in the promotion stand a chance of winning a prize including free product packs,” the Promasidor MD affirmed.



Chief John Odigie-Oyegun was very correct on Oshiomhole – Idahosa


Lagos NMA seeks exit replacement policy to reduce brain drain


Obaseki deploys officials to assist victims of flooding


SYNLAB Nigeria wins NHEA Award for 6th consecutive time


Photos/Video: Nigerian Lady battered by her boyfriend for attempting to leave him

A Nigerian lady on IG has shared photos of herslef showing the injuries she sustained after her boyfriend beat her up for attempting to leave him. Posting photos of her battered face and injured body online, the lady revealed that her ex took her to the police station to sign an undertaking never to leave him. ''Let me put it straight.. I think most of u don’t understand me, I wasn’t beaten up by any girl, and Perharps no girl can ever punch my eyes this way and won’t go to her early grave. I posted some days ago that I was done with a nigga I was kissing, that his gf should come get him, which later he bought icecream and apologized to me, gave me good head and we had a nice fuck, but he feel Inlove with a bad bitch, I told him let me spoil u, but I don’t do love, unfortunately he feel In love with the cruise I gave him, and nigga refused me to go have fun and he got addicted to me, when I finally made up my mind to go, he beat me up for breaking his heart,, like the fuck.. Y’all know am a badbitch, I don’t love, I only make u go crazy, put u on some estacy shit and fuck the hell outta u,, and I go, This nigga beat me up and took me to the police to sign.. with my two eyes closed with I don’t get.. is it by force to love? I didn’t even know what I signed for, maybe not to come after him for beating me.. but hey .. I was beaten because Pussy too sweet that ur man wanted to keep me, but am a shameless hoe. I gave him cruise, he feel in love with it, now I gotta have a swollen eyes for having a sweet pussy.Watch the video she shared below      View this post on Instagram         Lady seriously beaten up by her boyfriend for attempting to leave him, drags her to the police station to sign an undertaking never to leave him.A post shared by Lindaikejiblog (@lindaikejiblogofficial) on Jun 24, 2019 at 3:08am PDTThe post Photos/Video: Nigerian Lady battered by her boyfriend for attempting to leave him appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


BET Awards' carpet coloured blue in honour of Nipsey Hussle

BET Awards

The 2019 BET Awards held last night and it doubled as a celebration of late rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was killed in March in Los Angeles.


In honour of the slain rapper killed outside his Marathon clothing store, the carpet at the award show was coloured blue. A number of the celebrities who attended the show kept repeating the phrase, “the marathon continues.” while on the blue carpet.


American rappper, YG wore a jacket with Nipsey’s face on the back of it and “the marathon continues” written across. 


BET Awards



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Cardi B was the opening act at last night's BET Awards and the 26-year-old rapper recruited her husband Offset to join in her performance. Needless to say, their performance was rivetting. Watch below. The post Cardi B and Offset put up a raunchy display during their performance at the BET Awards appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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Edo: Oyegun, Oshiomhole at each other’s throats

Oshiomhole is Obaseki’s biggest distraction —Oyegun
I don’t need short-cut to sustain my position —Oshiomhole
Insists Edo gov must obey constitutional provision on proclamations

By Johnbosco Agbakwuru & Omeiza Ajayi


ABUJA— Immediate past National Chairman of  All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, has added in on the crisis rocking the party in his home state, Edo, accusing his successor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, of anti-party activities.

Oyegun spoke as incumbent National Chairman of the  party, Oshiomhole, weekend, in view of the crisis in the state House of Assembly, said he does not need short-cuts to sustain his position in the system, when asked if he was not bringing pressure to bear on Governor Godwin Obaseki.

However, Oyegun said the state governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki, must be allowed to operate freely as a chief executive officer of the state.

Speaking through his Special Assistant on Public/Political Affairs, Chief Ray Murphy, Chief Oyegun said he could not fathom why the most virulent  opposition to Obaseki was from his own party and not the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

He said: “This party must be stronger because we cannot go into the 2023 general elections with these discordant tunes, especially as President Buhari will not be contesting.

‘’We need to get our acts together. Oyegun has no personal grievances with Oshiomhole but Nigerians must know that he cannot go to equity with unclean hands.

“Today, there are all kinds of rancour coming from Edo State. They all boil down to attempts by a godfather and godfatherism that is heating up the polity in the state.

“Obaseki is the executive governor of Edo State and he should be allowed to exercise the powers vested in him by the law. To what purpose is this idea of APC chairman putting the state under tension?

Oshiomhole showing bias, needs to hear from all parties before taking sides – Obaseki’s aide(Opens in a new browser tab)

“As a governor on APC platform, he should be allowed to run out his tenure before they decide whether to bring him back or not. There are so much antics going on and you don’t need to be a prophet or babalawo to trace where they are coming from. They are coming from APC.

“I want to think that they are all targeted at weakening the governor of Edo State. Ordinarily, the man in Edo should be given every support so that he can succeed to fend off the opposition PDP already around the corner.”


Oshiomhole is Obaseki’s biggest distraction

“Ask anybody from Edo State, what is Obaseki’s biggest distraction and they will tell you that his distraction is not whether he has governed well or not, but from his immediate predecessor, Adams Oshiomhole.

“It is very unfortunate, especially considering the fact that he is the national chairman of the same party with the governor. I have not heard that PDP or Edo leaders want to remove Obaseki. What has been trending is how his predecessor, who happens to be the party chairman, does not want him back in office.


“If his action against Obaseki are not anti-party, someone should then explain to me what is anti-party. The problem of APC is from a single man, the national chairman, who runs the party like an executive chairman.

‘’The idea of working single-handedly and inducing the party members to endorse is the problem of the party.

“Look at what is happening in the party today. When was the last time the NEC meeting was held? But when these crises came to the fore, he has called several emergency NWC meetings.”

I don’t need short-cut to sustain my position Oshiomhole

Meanwhile, Oshiomhole, weekend, said he would not need a short-cut to sustain his position in the system.

Oshiomhole stated this while reacting to the allegation that he was behind the crisis in Edo State House of Assembly,  having allegedly constituted himself as a godfather who wants to dictate what happens in the state.

The APC national chairman, who was reminded that he fought godfatherism in the state but was now being accused of playing the same role he once fought to a stand still, told State House correspondents that sought his opinion on the brouhaha arising from the inauguration of Edo State Assembly that the issue of playing the role of a godfather was only an accusation.

He asked:  “What is the evidence? It’s all about accusation. The media have a duty. They have to give you the particulars of that godfatherism. What’s the evidence? I am a democrat.

“I accept the credit, not only that I fought godfatherism, I launched the one-man one-vote campaign to fight against election rigging anywhere in Nigeria and by the special grace of God under PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) with (Chief Tony) Anenih alive, and at his best, I won all the 18 local government areas and 95 percent of the total votes cast in my second term election.

“So, Edo people know me and I know them. I don’t need short-cut to sustain my position in the system. But you know that there is nobody in Nigeria who is not open to accusations. The important thing is that he who accuses should give you proof.”

Edo gov must obey constitutional provision on proclamations

On his position on the ongoing argument and brewing crisis over the inauguration of Edo State House of Assembly, Oshiomhole said: “It’s about rule of law. As journalists, there are questions you don’t need to ask me because you know the answer. You know the law provides for how the House should be proclaimed transparently.

“The day it’s announced, members-elect are informed of date and time for inauguration. These are clearly spelt out in the Nigerian constitution. And just last week (about two weeks ago), you were all witnesses to how President Muhammadu Buhari issued proclamation letter to the Clerk many days before, stating date and time of the inauguration of the two chambers of the National Assembly.

“Even while we are still negotiating to ensure that our party was not divided on the floor of the House, without prejudice to the outcome of those negotiations, the President issued a proclamation because he is obliged by the constitution to do so whether he likes it or not and he did.

“He did it transparently. He has led us by example. For me, it’s very embarrassing if any state governor, particularly of APC extraction, will do anything that is less than what the constitution says and the example that our president has set.”

He said in the case of the Edo State House of Assembly inauguration, the proclamation was not publicized and that members were not informed, adding that the inauguration took place at 9:30 pm.

He said the time was what a Supreme Court judgement described as “nocturnal hours.”

Speaking further, Oshiomhole said:  “Business of parliament is done transparently; they are not a secret cult. Now you have 24 member House, 19 members protested, you have six and you carry people in their shorts. Even in the House, they have rules, the dress code. So, it happened in Edo, it has happened in Bauchi.

“Like Edo, Bauchi used the minority of 10 to  proclaim the House and locked out 20 APC members and got those 10 people to elect the speaker, exactly the way Edo did with six and then co-opted other three people to become nine and even at that it is nonsense.

If it is wrong, it is wrong

“For us, these are completely illegal. And that is why we said so. If it is wrong, it is wrong whether it is done by APC or by PDP; whether it’s the chairman’s state or not. The law is blind to those sentiments. I believe by the end of the day, the solution is, return to the rule of law.

“Let’s properly follow the law; let the parliament do what they have to do but people have the right to lobby for people they want and whom they prefer. This is also legitimate. Like you saw in the National Assembly, after all the lobbies, people have the right to vote and you saw them in the National Assembly conducting secret ballot.”



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Stanbic IBTC reduces NPL to 3.9%, declares N15.36bn dividend

By Peter Egwuatu

STANBIC IBTC Holdings Plc reduced its Non Performing Loan, NPL, to 3.9 per cent in the financial year ended December 31, 2018 from 8.6 per cent in the corresponding period of 2017.

The bank’s Chairman, Mr. Basil Omiyi, who revealed this while speaking at the group’s seventh Annual General Meeting, AGM, in Lagos also said the group will continue to focus in creating more investment for shareholders during the year.

The shareholders at the AGM, approved the dividend payment of N15.36billion proposed by the board of directors for the 2018 financial year.

A shareholder, Chief Shotunde Sopeju, urged the board to pay close attention to the growing level of loans and ensure that the loans were performing to avoid writing off debts if they went bad.


While thanking the shareholders for their commendation, Chief Executive, Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc, Mr Yinka Sanni, assured that the Company will not relent in its efforts to continue to deliver value to shareholders and other stakeholders.

“We will continue to leverage on our universal financial services capability, unrelenting focus on cost control, digitization and client centricity while operating as an ethical organisation to ensure that we continue to grow our capacity to provide incomparable high quality end-to-end financial solutions to our customers in a sustainable manner and remain profitable as a group,” Sanni said.

SMW: Businesses transforming Social media outlook to real digital business(Opens in a new browser tab)

Responding to shareholders’ questions, the Group Chief Executive Officer, Stanbic IBTC Holdings, Mr Yinka Sanni, said the shareholders need not nurse any fear as the bank’s loans were performing.

He said though the level was increasing, it was still within the risk appetite of the company.




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Adorable video of SeyiLaw's daughter Tiwa wishing him a happy birthday

Image result for seyi law and daughter TiwaOn Saturday June 22nd was comedian and actor, Seyi Law's birthday. To celebrate his birthday Seyi Law shared an adorable video of his daughter, Tiwa, wishing him a happy birthday, on social media. Watch below.      View this post on Instagram         So sweet! #SeyiLaw 's daughter, Tiwa, wishes him a happy birthdayA post shared by Lindaikejiblog (@lindaikejiblogofficial) on Jun 22, 2019 at 10:35pm PDTThe post Adorable video of SeyiLaw’s daughter Tiwa wishing him a happy birthday appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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Size of my boobs a blessing to me – Pamela Odameh


For some women, being naturally endowed with massive boobs has been more of a curse than a blessing but such hasn’t been the case with Kenyan born Ghanaian model, actress and video vixen, Pamela Odameh Watara.

Judging by the volume of her bosom, hardly can a fellow woman pass by without taking a second look or more at her girls, talk less of the male folks who she affirms always take countless looks whenever she steps out.

While sharing how she ventured into entertainment in a chat with Potpourri, the sensational actress who commands attention on Instagram because of her voluptuous boobs noted that the size of her bosom has been a blessing to her.

Regina Daniels breaks silence after marriage to Ned Nwoko(Opens in a new browser tab)

“People around me encouraged me to go into the entertainment industry because I have a sexy figure and because I’m beautiful in a unique way. After joining Instagram, I started getting messages from some musicians who wanted me to feature in their music videos as a vixen. And boom, that was how I got into the industry”.

She added that so far, besides talent, goodwill and grace, the size of her boobs have been a plus to her bludgeoning career.

“Yes being busty has been a blessing to my career”.



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How to help your daughter through a violent relationship

Bunmi Sofola

With the spate of violence going on in the country, is it any wonder that teenage girls are vulnerable to rape, violence and manipulation from their so-called boyfriends?  Faith, a 42-year old nursing sister had her daughter, Nike, when she was only 20.  “Even as a child, you could see the potentials of her being a stunner in her”, she said. “She was 18 and an undergraduate when she met Lawrence, who lived not too far away from us with his parents.

I’d heard worrying rumours that Lawrence, a computer analyst and dad of two from different women, treated his girlfriends appallingly. He’d even been arrested for battery and was et free. But when we eventually met him, we were impressed, he seemed quiet and polite; and treated Nike like a princess. He assured me he would take care of her.  Whenever she was home, they would go out together. The weekend he couldn’t go with her because one of his children was ill, Nike’s phone rang constantly. She complained when she got home and I told her to be very wary of men like him.

“When he turned up a few weeks later, he came with us for the birthday party of one of my nieces. His gaze was cold and he stuck with Nike like a nympet. Yet my daughter insisted everything was fine.  Until about a month later when I saw him leaving the house in a huff.  `We had a horrible row’, Nike sniffed.  `He accused me he had proof of my flirting with other men on campus’.  How dare he, I raged. And you know what my daughter said in his defence?  That she must have provoked him!  I was beside myself and tried to make her see sense. She said I should lay off, that she couldn’t handle pressure from me as well.  She looked so heart-broken that I left her alone. So next time Lawrence came to the house, I cornered him and hissed: `Don’t you ever hurt her again.  `Mummy’s girl, is she?’, he sneered.

As Okiye emerges Edo House Speaker . . .(Opens in a new browser tab)

“I was shocked. Was this the same shy, sweet Lawrence who’d charmed me?  Oh, how I hated him. As soon as Nike came out of her room I realised she was under his spell. When Lawrence eventually got a one-room apartment and moved in, Nike started spending the odd weekend at his place. When I protested she said she was already 21 and had to grow up sometime. Short of keeping her under house arrest, there was nothing I could do to stop her.

“Only, her boyfriend was so jealous and paranoid, demanding to know her every move.  He never went on outings with her, but his shadow still hung over her. She started losing her sparkle and I reminded her her bed was always waiting for her. I told her if she continued to stay with Lawrence, he’d destroy her. But she was in love and under his spell. Whenever she visited, he rang her mobile constantly. One night, I was so enraged I snatched the phone and bellowed: ‘`For Christ’s sake, leave my daughter alone’. My daughter started crying. It was heart-breaking. Why couldn’t she see the truth?  Why wouldn’t she listen?

“Then came the day she called they were having a violent row and she wanted to come home. `Your dad is on his way’, I assured her, praying by the time he got there, Lawrence would have calmed down. But he rang a few minutes later, `Nike’s locked me out!’, he sniffed.  Thank goodness she was safe. `I love her so much, he carried on, `I can’t stand the thought of her with anyone else.  Alarm bells clanged.  `Just leave her alone’, I raged, slamming down the phone.

“It looked like hours before Nike came in with her dad.  `Lawrence is a lunatic’, he fumed. He’d arrived to find them in front of the house, with Nike crying and Lawrence shirtless and towering above her. I made a move on him and it was an effort to drag Nike back to the house with me’. She vowed that was the end of the relationship as she tended to the bruises on her face and neck. Thank God, I sighed. Lawrence had burnt his fingers this time, and it was good riddance.  But a few weeks later, the phone woke us in the middle of the night. I answered, heart pounding. It was Nike, screaming hysterically, `Lawrence is driving like a maniac!’, he screamed. `He’s going to kill me’. Now what?  I heard him ranting in the background.  `Strap yourself in!’, I told her before the line went dead.

“I tried to ring back, no answer. I was wide awake by now, praying for daybreak when I could go to Lawrence’s flat.  But the next call I got was from the police. He had crashed the car and he was arrested for dangerous driving.  My daughter was in a private hospital. When I saw her, I nearly fainted. She was bandaged up, her left leg, hoisted from a fracture she got. I wept bitter tears. The stupid man didn’t have life-threatening wounds to his body. Why didn’t he die in the accident?”

According to research, one quarter of girls aged 13-17 have experienced intimate partner violence, one in nine has experienced several physical violence an almost three quarter of girls experienced emotional abuse. Now he research lists practical things you can do to help a loved one facing abuse: Talk to her. Her partner may be monitoring calls, texts, e-mails and Facebook messages, so meet in person if you can.


Give her time and don’t judge.

Help her to leave quickly. Offer to keep  a spare set of keys important documents and some cash. Agree a code word. This can be used if she is in serious danger and need you to call the police. Lastly, get advice.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, here’s what to do … Recognise you’re being abused. If you change the way you behave because you’re scared of how your partner will react, he’s abusing you. Understand it’s not your fault and you’re not alone. Thousands of women escape abusive relationships to a life free from fear. You can too.


This is War! (Humour)

An isolated part of the country was being terrorised by a gang of ruthless bandits and people were fleeing their homes. In one village, all that remained was a young boy and his toothless, 85-year old grandma. One morning, they were woken by a tremendous noise as the gang rode into town.

“We want food”, they demanded of the young boy.  “All I have left is one sausage and half a loaf of break”, he said.  “Then give it to us. War war”.  “”Drink”, they then shouted, “we want drink”.  “There are only three bottles of beer left”, replied the boy.  “Good, let’s have them now. War is War”. “Women, bring us women”, they yelled later. “There’s only my grandma”, he said, pointing to the old hag who was smiling at them.  “Well, .. er …perhaps we’ll forget about the women”, one of them said, looking at the horrible sight.  “What do you mean?”, said the old woman crossly. “War is War!”.



I have been living in a prison all my life – Charly Boy

Ayo Onikoyi

Foremost Nigerian entertainer, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, widely known as Charly Boy, has declared himself a prisoner. Charly Boy said he has been a prisoner from birth because Nigeria, his country of birth, is a prison yard.

Charly Boy

The veteran singer told Potpourri in a chat that “it’s been quite a long time that we were born into this prison called Nigeria.” Charly Boy, also known as Area Fada, stated this on the occasion of his 69th birthday.

Born on 19 June, 1951, the singer, songwriter, television presenter, publisher, and producer, said this when he visited those in Ikoyi Prison, Lagos State, a place he described as hell.

The music producer, widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers alive and has overtime built his brand around major international, national and local controversies, said young Nigerians were yet to realise that they are in prison.

The singer, turned activist on Wednesday visited Ikoyi Prison in Lagos State with members of Our Mumu Don Do group and Na We Be Government Movement as part of activities lined up for his birthday.

The renowned singer made the visit alongside Solo artist, Mrs Anehita Aletor who shares the same birthday with him, as well as Augustine Omoifo who is the organizer of the prison tour.

Charlyboy and his Movement also used the opportunity to help in facilitating the release of some prisoners awaiting trial for over a decade or more.
The Area Fada and his team, also fed over 200 inmates during the visit.

Speaking, the Area Fada said, ” it’s been quite a long time that we were born into this prison called Nigeria, and the first thing that comes to mind on a day like this is to visit those in hell. If we are in prison, then you can only imagine where they are.

“This is the only way we can reach out, the only way we can save a life.

“Unfortunately, majority of us don’t even know we are in a dungeon. Unless we realize this, we will continue in this eternal anguish.

“But like I have always said, the survival of our country depends solely on the ability of our young men and women to break out of this prison by fire by force, whether them like’am or not.”



Akinkugbe: My big moments, big innovations, big outcomes

By Charles Kumolu, Deputy Editor

Scion of the Ajumogobia lineage and a wife of the Akinkugbe, Mrs. Nimi Akingbube is a case study in innovativeness. With a sound parental background and quality education, she rose to the peak of the banking profession where she resigned as General Manager and Head of Private Client Services of Stanbic IBTC Plc. Akinkugbe was also a Director at Stanbic Asset Management Limited. She founded a system that promotes personal finance and wealth management among Nigerians. In her capacity as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bestman Games Ltd and Money Matters with Nimi, she is creating a generation of financially secure Nigerians. In December 2012, her company launched the City of Lagos Edition of Monopoly, the first African city edition of Hasbro’s world famous board game. This chat is not just about her craft but the choices she made and her triumphs.

You have been quite successful even after getting to the peak of your career in the banking sector. What are those things that make your name resonate more now?

Having been in what was then a relatively secure world of full-time employment in leading institutions, it was a significant move to step out into the world of entrepreneurship by embarking on something novel that hadn’t been done before. I truly admire those seasoned entrepreneurs, who keep solving problems through new and novel initiatives. I always say that all life experiences come together to prepare someone for the next step or what the person should be doing. My banking experience, the extraordinary people that I have met along the journey, the learning about how people behave with money have all equipped me for this phase of my life. Acquiring the African distributorship of Hasbro’s iconic Monopoly Board game was a venture that associated me with entrepreneurship. This is certainly one of the most exciting things that I have ever done. We launched the City of Lagos Edition of Monopoly, which is the first ever African edition of the world famous board game. It has been most gratifying to bring board-gaming back into our lives even in the midst of a digital revolution. We have been able to extract so much out of a game with powerful lessons in personal finance embedded in it. I was a banker for 23 years focusing on wealth and asset management. I grew to love my work, and being able to support clients regarding their financial lives. Even after banking, I am able to use that knowledge to educate and empower Nigerians regarding their personal finances. I find this most fulfilling.

Apart from the sound family background and quality education that facilitated your rise in the financial sector, what are those personal qualities that aided your growth?

Family values and a moral compass, integrity, and faith in God were underlying ingredients in our upbringing. I am very grateful to my parents. Being raised by two very effective teachers inevitably gives one a deep sense of self-discipline. I value that quality hugely.

I abhor indiscipline, laziness, lateness, and excuses. We really must dig ourselves out of the epic levels of mediocrity that have become acceptable in our society. I plan excessively for everything. Sometimes it makes me a little inflexible. I have come to realise that life should have some spontaneity. I have sought to develop a more flexible approach to my life. However, planning ahead is a critical factor for me. I am still a work in progress, but I have found these areas very helpful in my growth.

Special memories 

The wonderful memories of growing up in a very close-knit family with my parents and siblings are some that I cherish deeply. We spent several years in East Africa and regular family days out at the weekend to the beach and on family holidays were always enchanting. Visits to Ngorongoro Crater and Zanzibar were particularly special memories. The love for reading and appreciating music was embedded in our childhood and has remained a fundamental part of all our lives.

Quality family time is something that we must invest in as difficult as it might seem in our busy existence. In those days my father was able to come home for lunch most days when he was in the country. Sitting around that table, chatting about our days and experiences was a fantastic opportunity to learn and to bond. It also gave our parents an opportunity to ask questions and identify any issues. When parents focus on building a solid family life, it creates strong relationships. We feel very lucky to have each other and are there to support one another in both good times and bad times. I urge all our fathers to be intentional about creating time for these precious moments.

In the light of your experience with your brand, Money Matters With Nimi, what would you say about the attitude of Nigerians to personal finance? 

During my 23-year banking career, I witnessed first-hand financial habits of highly successful people and I also saw some of the dire consequences of a sad legacy when people live or die without a plan. I witnessed various scenarios such as the creation of significant wealth by one generation and the rapid depletion of that wealth by the next.

Second patient dies of Ebola in Uganda: health official(Opens in a new browser tab)

I saw corporate executives receive staggering sums in retirement or severance packages and saw the windfalls disappear in the twinkling of an eye. I also saw significant wealth being totally decimated by one serious illness where there was no health insurance in place. I witnessed parents who stifled their children’s development and independence by smothering them with material possessions and leaving them totally unable to take responsibility for their own lives.

I saw that in spite of outward appearances of affluence, a shocking number of people are literally just a stone’s throw away from financial disaster. I also found that women appeared to be less able regarding their personal finances. These experiences had a significant impact on me.

Life’s big events

Achieving financial security ranks as a major source of concern for most Nigerian families. Naturally, Nigerians are very enthusiastic about improving their personal finances and are keen to create a better life for themselves and their families. Life’s big events, all come with financial consequences. But without the knowledge and the will to change your life, it is hard to achieve long term and sustainable financial security. We seek to fill that gap by empowering and motivating people to make the life-changing decision to become financially literate.

What kind of results are you achieving with Money Matters?

It is most gratifying when people come up to me to say they attended one of our seminars, read a piece I wrote or posted on social media that had a huge impact on them. Seeing young people in their 20s investing in mutual funds, starting to think about buying their first property, and monetising their talents are very exciting. The discourse about finance can be rather technical and not so easy to absorb. Most times it is purely the lack of knowledge or information that prevents people from taking deliberate steps to make progress in their financial lives. We try to break down the basic principles of personal finance into easy nuggets so that people can make this a way of life. It is about simplifying the messaging to make it easy to understand. We are very pleased with the feedback, but there is still an enormous amount of work to do.

Imagine an 80-year-old patriarch with significant investments and in a somewhat complicated family situation not having an estate plan in place. That is a recipe for disaster. The process of supporting him through the process of tidying up his affairs may have saved his family from decades of family feuding. With Money Matters with Nimi, we are creating greater awareness about financial responsibility in an easy to understand way.

Since board games like monopoly appeal to the enlightened ones in this society, one wonders the kind of patronage you may be getting given that this society is populated by less educated people?

Board games have been a staple in households for centuries, but naturally with modern life, one has to be more deliberate about investing in face-to-face time. Whilst we embrace technology wholeheartedly in all forms and acknowledge its profound impact, there is a place for the old fashioned board game that fosters family interaction and values. Games are proven to be a powerful learning tool. The concepts are so realistic that once explained to children and adults, they take to it easily. Monopoly is much more than a board game. It has so many intricate facets to it, which make for outstanding educational value. At its core, the game carries strong lessons in personal finance. Apart from highlighting the infrastructure in the state, our editions also deliver important social messages through customized twists included in the cards. For example in the Lagos edition, you are rewarded for planting a tree and penalised for dumping refuse, which is so important in preserving our environment as climate change and environmental pollution take their toll.

Your company, Bestman Games recently hosted a finance fair for children. What is the inspiration behind this? 

The family is the most important unit of society. Empowering families with financial knowledge is one of the most effective ways to secure the future economic well being of our families, our communities, and our country. As there is no financial instruction in our school curriculum, we must be proactive about enlightening both parents and their children by introducing financial concepts, products, and services as early as possible. This would give our families a better chance today to achieve a financially secure tomorrow.



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Anxiety high as season 4 of Big Brother Naija set to air

Ayo Onikoyi

Big Brother Naija, Africa’s number one reality television show, is making a highly anticipated return on June 30 and Nigerians all over the world are beyond giddy with excitement. Although the show makers, MultiChoice Nigeria, have not officially announced the theme for the new season, graphics and posters reading “Spicy Hot” have been deployed all over social media to promote the show. Apart from the show’s endless supply of drama and sheer entertainment, Big Brother Naija has been able to excite Nigerians, and Africans, in a way that no other show on this part of the Atlantic can.

Somewhere between the colorful characters the show makers select every year and the odd but interesting tasks that the Housemates have to engage in, therein lies the secret of the Big Brother Naija magic formula. One distinct element that Big Brother Naija possesses, is that it has made its success elusive and many times unattainable for copycats and knock-offs is its ever-changing nature.

Season after season, the show changes in a way that is unique to its cause but without losing its identity. It’s an intricate and delicate balance that MultiChoice has mastered and been able to recreate successfully for three seasons. The first season of Big Brother Naija first aired back in 2006. Much like many first attempts, season one was a glorious run of trail, error and lessons learned. When the show came back in 2017 with the “See GoBBe” theme, it was clear that the producers had done their homework, made some necessary adjustments and were ready for business.

2018’s Double Wahala edition was a result a seamless broadcast of entertainment which had Nigerians everywhere hooked. From classrooms to beer parlors, nail salons, Bible study meetings and social media, Big Brother Naija content was inescapable. As hard as it is to imagine, this new season will be even more riveting and here are a couple reasons why.

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One of the biggest criticisms of Big Brother Naija was that it was shot in South Africa, not Nigeria. The show’s producer always cited the fact that running a reality show round the clock in Nigeria was not the simplest of tasks. It would appear, however, that they’ve been able to crack the logistics code because in January, Mr. John Ugbe, the Chief Executive Officer of MultiChoice Nigeria announced that this year’s season will take place in Nigeria.

Big Brother Naija’s return to Nigeria has definitely set off a new level of loyalty to the show in Nigerians. A number of fan fiction conspiracy theories and jokes have emerged since the announcement as fans speculate how the show’s producers will “Nigerianize” the show as a result of the location.

Another reason Nigerians are more excited for this year’s edition of Big Brother Naija than they’ve ever been is the audition process. Multitudes of hopefuls turned up for Big Brother Naija auditions all over the country earlier this year which definitely raises the stakes for the show’s producers because it means they have a bigger pool to fish in. This year’s audition process also featured the first online audition.

Apart from the over 5000 auditionees who showed up at venues, MultiChoice also held online auditions. This elaborate selection process has created a lot of buzz about who the lucky men and women in the Big Brother house will be. This is because at the end of the day, Big Brother Naija is about the people who inhabit the house and how much they resonate with the viewers.



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