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I begged my husband to remain original- Actress, Mabel Oboh

Actress and broadcaster, Mabel Oboh, is a happy woman after getting married to her heartthrob, Michael Udoh, penultimate Thursday, at Eti Osa West marriage registry amid select family members and friends. The actress, who wrote, produced and acted in ’Victims’, an NTA drama series that later became a Network Production in the ‘80s, found love again after her first marriage, which produced three handsome boys, hit the rocks. She describes her second journey into marriage as ‘momentous’, adding that she’s not only marrying her best friend but also her soul mate. The founder of Mabel Oboh Centre for Save Our Stars, an NGO that caters for the less-privileged Nigerian entertainers, shares her excitement and joy. Excerpts:

How it feels getting married again

I feel very happy to be married to my long-standing friend. Today (penultimate Thursday) is one of the most eventful moments in my life, a day I actually never expected to happen. We have been friends for quite a long time. He’s someone that has always been there for me. He has been in the background. If I need to talk to someone, he‘s always the person I run to. He knows when I am happy and when I am in a bad mood. He has been my best friend for a very long time. I would still have been happy if it remained like that. I think it is very great for you to have somebody that you can always run back to when you have problem.


It wasn’t love at first sight, but we bonded from the start and we became good friends. He has always been the one I could really express myself to. We understand each other very well and that is the beauty of our relationship. One thing for sure, he adores me and I love the fact that he is a kind-hearted man, and very hard-working. We love each other’s company.

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The proposal came a few months ago. But before then, we had established our relationship about two years ago. And that was when he expressed his love for me, I felt comfortable with him. He’s my friend; he’s somebody in whose company I can relax.

Second marriage

It is not reminding me of anything because this second nuptial is on a different platform. I am more mature now, more experienced. One of the things we talked about before going into marriage is that we should be friends and remain like that. When people enumerate the dos and don’ts in marriage and the way society perceives marriage, that’s the restriction that spurs our relationship. One of the things he promised me and I promised him too is that we are going to continue to see ourselves as friends. And once we remain the friends that we are, it will even make me happier and I think things will work out for us. Unlike the other relationships that I have been in, where you begin to feel different once you get married, I don’t feel different. He’s still my good friend. I think if it’s not for the legalities of things and to make life easier for us, we would have preferred to remain the way we were.

My expectations

It is ‘business as usual.’ There’s nothing new. This is my personal life. I would have said I have found love again because I have had love in the past. But I have found a soul mate and I now know that my soul mate is going to remain with me. That is it. I am someone that long for happiness. Happiness means a lot to me and I am not interested in financial gains. It means absolutely nothing to me. We must work hard to survive and that is what we must do. One cannot buy happiness and I am grateful that I have that happiness today. And I will do everything possible to remain who I am-that got him attracted to me. I begged him not to change, that I don’t want him to be a ‘Mr.’ to me. I want him remain my friend. Besides, he believes in the things I believe, in humanity, in my entire world. He’s always been there. If he wasn’t a kind-hearted man, he wouldn’t have occupied any place and space in my life. I love people that are kind, I love people that love people. I love people that can touch other people’s lives.

What will change about me?

Nothing will change; the only thing that will be is that my life will become stronger. And I hope that with his support, we can help more people in the society. I believe the support he has given me behind-closed-doors if he can bring it forward, Mabel Oboh Centre for Save of our Stars will do better in future.

How I met him

We met as mutual friends many years ago. He’s a hotelier; he’s being in the hotel business for ages. At some stage, I was interested in doing business with him, which we will still do. I met him in the course of doing hotel business, and we became friends in the process. There was nothing like a personal relationship or intimacy between us at first. That was how we were for years, until about two years ago, when we decided to define our relationship.



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